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This variation of the Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail Jig is a popular fly in Gordon's box. Learning how to tie this style of fly is not difficult and perfect for the beginner fly tyer. Jig style flies are very effective and gaining popularity the last ten years or so. Mix and match and make your fly tying fun.

Learning how to tie the Pats Rubber Leg Stonefly can be challenging for the beginner fly tier because of the legs. Once you get used to dealing with the legs it's not bad. This is a fly pattern that all nymph fisherman must have in the box. That is if you like catching big fish.

Gordon's Olligon Attractor Jig is a perfect fly pattern for the beginner fly tyer. Its a nymph best fished as an attractor when searching for feeding trout. Enjoy!

The Tungsten Pine Squirrel Leech jig is a popular fly in Gordon's small streamer box. Learning how to tie this fly is very easy and a good start for the beginner. Hope you enjoy it! Gordon never leaves home without it.

The Red Pheasant Tail Jig is a great fast and deep water pattern. The CDC adds alot of movement which really draws the trout to this meal. I hope it treats you well.

How to tie an idicator dry fly. This is a pattern I like alot and it floats really well. Also very simple to tie. Have fun with it!

The Quill Bodied jig is a flat out fish catcher. High on Gordon's list!

The Rocket nymph is May fly attractor more or less. No one fly that it is set ti resemble. A popular fly in Gordon's box so we hopeyou enjoy it!