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The Turbo Tag Jig is a great attractor pattern that is always in my fly box! This pattern is a very easy fly pattern for a beginner to tie. I have fished this fly for several years and have had great success pretty much everywhere I've fished it. I hope you enjoy the Turbo Tag Jig!

The Dirty Bone in a very simple thread bodied may fly. This version is for Sulphurs. Another very basic fly pattern for a beginner to tie! Enjoy the Dirty Bone!

The Y.A.B. Jig is a pattern I threw together several years back that has been a great producer for me. Once again a very easy fly pattern to tie which is perfect for the beginner fly tier. I feel this fly works well in all different water types due to the several changes in contrast. I hope you enjoy the Y.A.B. Jig!

The Reverse Hot Spot Jig is an easy fly pattern to tie and oh so deadly! The Pheasant Tail makes this fly in my opinion. This is a competition style fly that really catches fish. I know you'll enjoy tying and fishing this fly. Enjoy!!

The "Klink" or Klinkhammer is one of my favorite all around dry flies slash emerger patterns! This is definitely a good fly to know how to tie. Tie this in many different variations and it will be a favorite of yours as well. I hope you enjoy the Klinkhammer!!

Kevin Compton's Tungsten Torpedo nymph is a flat out fish catcher. This has been a very popular fly pattern in the competition fly fishing world for a long time. Once again a very simple fly pattern for beginner to tie. I hope you enjoy the Tungsten Torpedo!

This CDC style dry fly is one of my favorite styles of Caddis dries to use. They float really high in heavy water which I like. It's also a really easy fly pattern for a beginner to learn how to tie. I'm all for keeping flies simple! I hope you enjoy the Hot Tag CDC Caddis dry fly!

The Dust Mop fly will flat out catch fish! Stocked fish don't stand a chance anymore with this pattern in your fly box. Wild fish like it too! Another great fly pattern for the beginner fly tier! Enjoy the Dust Mop!!