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Snowbird Creek Turning Stones Fly FishingTucked away in the southwestern corner of North Carolina, Robbinsville is a hidden gem in the picturesque Nantahala National Forest. While there are currently around 700 permanent residents, at any given time, the population can be much higher with tourists and seasonal visitors. 

The town is the county seat of Graham County. With less than 9,000 residents in the county, it is the least populated in western North Carolina and has the third-lowest population in North Carolina. 

However, being relatively sparsely populated does not mean the Robbinsville area hasn't made an impact on culture. Some scenes from The Fugitive (Harrison Ford & Tommy Lee Jones) were filmed just a few miles from town. Portions of Jodie Foster's Nell were also taken in town, and the folk band Avett Brothers recorded their fourth album, Four Thieves Gone: The Robbinsville Sessions in Robbinsville. 

Located near majestic Lake Santeetlah, downtown Robbinsville sits in the valley formed by the Cheoah River. It makes the perfect base for a number of outdoor activities, including fly fishing in some of the best trout waters in the world. 

The key to having the best fly fishing excursion in western North Carolina is working with experienced, professional trout fishing guides who know the hundreds of miles of water flowing throughout the area. 

Fly Fishing in Robbinsville, NC | Big Snowbird Creek

Big Snowbird Creek is located in Graham County, North Carolina, just outside of the town of Robbinsville. The creek empties into Lake Santeetlah. A section of Snowbird is now under hatchery-supported rules, with an additional section under delayed harvest regulations. 

The creek itself is teeming with wild rainbow trout, with some brown trout available as well. Additionally, this stream has a run of steelhead in the late part of the year through early spring. These runs are very sporadic but are definitely worth it to fish. 

In terms of size, the average chromer will be 14-18 inches in length, with some huge guys thrown in for good measure! If you catch one of those, hold on tight because you're in for a wild ride. The techniques used to fish this area can be rather advanced, so it is best to lean on the expertise of an experienced guide.  

Professional Fly Fishing Guides in Robbinsville - Turning Stone's Fly Fishing

Do you want a memorable fly fishing experience with stories to tell for years to come? The guides at Turning Stone's Fly Fishing are here to help. We have fished all over the world but choose to call this area home because of the abundance of beautiful trout waters available throughout the year

When it comes to fly fishing in Robbinsville, you can count on our guides to help you find the best places in which to wade or float. Contact us to schedule your fly fishing excursion near Lake Santeetlah and Big Snowbird Creek.