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South Western North Carolina consists of the mountainous areas west of Charlotte, North Carolina all the way west to the Tennessee state line and as far south as the Georgia and South Carolina state lines. It boasts some of the best fly fishing trout streams that you can find anywhere in the world. See our blogs about South Western North Carolina.

    Trout Fishing is the Ultimate Social Distancing Activity

    It is hard to believe it has been less than a year since we first became familiar with the term social distancing. A lot has changed since that term first entered society. In the relatively short time since then, we have experts in several terms and activities, including:

    • Remote learning as a means for teachers to continue instructing students
    • How to turn your dining room table into a space in which you can work from home 
    • Working from home while simultaneously helping your kids with remote learning
    • Hosting family gatherings over video conferencing software on laptops and tablets
    • Entertaining children when nothing in your area is open, including playgrounds
    • Finding ways to make our small businesses work while maintaining social distancing and sanitation

    Even in a typical year, we all need to take a break once in a while. With the additional stress a pandemic brings, you need to find a way to relax and unwind while maintaining social distancing. Are you  searching for a new hobby you can do outdoors? Are you struggling to think of how you can give yourself a break from the stress of work and school? Trout fishing is the ultimate social distancing activity. Here are seven reasons why you should take a break in the water and go fly fishing: