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Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing Near Clarksville, GAIf you have a love for rainbow trout fly fishing and are in Clarksville, GA, then you are in luck. There are many miles of mountain streams and rivers within only a few miles of the beautiful little town of Clarksville. The trophy trout waters of Soque River and the professional guides of Turning Stone’s Fly Fishing are your keys to unlocking their potential.

Rainbow Trout Fishing Near Clarksville, GA

Clarksville, GA is situated in the mountains of northern Georgia in Habersham County along US Highway 441 at the southern edge of the Appalachian Mountains very near the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest.

Just a thirty-minute drive north of the town on US 441, you will encounter the higher, more remote mountains within the national forest as well as Warwoman WMA, with even more backcountry streams where rainbow trout make their home.

Within the national forest are many rugged streams filled with rainbow trout.  Many of the trout waters are far off the beaten path and difficult to get to, whereas other areas are near local roads and are fished more regularly.   

Hatchery Supported Trout Waters Near Clarksville GA

There are many hatchery-supported wild mountain streams within public lands where you can find rainbow trout if you are willing to work a bit at locating that out-of-the-way stream. However, the best bet to find rainbow trout is to schedule a fly fishing excursion with Turning Stone’s Fly Fishing, as we know the best backcountry rainbow trout areas to fish. 

The hatchery-supported streams include Hoods Creek, Walnut Creek, Sarah’s Creek, Warwoman Creek, and Coleman Creek north of Clarksville and Panther Creek and Broad River, closer to the town. One interesting fact is that the headwaters and delayed harvest areas of the Chattooga River on the South Carolina line are stocked by helicopter by the Glassy Mountain Helitack of the USFS.

Trophy Rainbow Trout on the Soque River

A shorter tributary of the Chattahoochee, the thirty-mile river is located entirely within Habersham County, Georgia. It winds through the picturesque north Georgia mountains and foothills before joining the Chattahoochee southwest of Demorest. 

The Soque River is named for a Cherokee tribe once located near it. Most of the land along its banks is private, as is the water itself. The river is stocked with large trophy trout that rival the size of trout anywhere in the country. 

If you want to have a chance at a true trophy trout, there is no place better in the southern United States than the Soque River. However, you cannot simply show up and start fishing. You must follow the correct protocol before you begin your adventure.  

Your best bet to land one of these trophy rainbow trout is to utilize the services of Turning Stone’s Fly Fishing which has 100% access to the trophy rainbow found in Soque River.

Get the most out of your rainbow trout fly fishing experience by utilizing Turning Stone’s fly fishing guides 

  • Our guides here at Turning Stone’s Fly Fishing have 100% access to the rainbow trophy trout waters of Soque River.
  • Our guides research the streams in the Clarksville area and know where to go and how to get there.
  • Our guides know the local stream conditions and the best fly patterns to utilize.
  • Our guides can work with any fly fishing experience level and pick locations that best suit the experience and physical condition of the angler.
  • If you don't have the right fly fishing gear for the local conditions, our guides can assist you with finding the right gear to catch trout.

If you wish to experience the excellent rainbow trout waters found in the mountains surrounding Clarksville or gain the right to fish in the trophy waters of Soque River, then book a trip with Turning Stone’s Fly Fishing today. For more information, check out our website.