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wild rainbow troutThe splendor of Maggie Valley, NC, is in full display in the fall season. The leaves are changing, hibernating animals are gathering their last bits of food to store for the winter, and rainbow trout are running in the surrounding rivers and creeks. 

Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing Maggie Valley, NC

Maggie Valley is home to several incredible year-round (even winter) trout streams and is designated as a North Carolina Mountain Heritage Trout City. Three miles of the famous Jonathan Creek flows through town and is a hatchery-supported trout water. Nearby, the annual Trout Derby in Cherokee is a great opportunity to introduce children to the sport. 

Trout Fishing in Maggie Valley

With all of this incredible trout fishing, there is no wonder that fishermen travel from all over the country to our neck of the woods to try their hand at the art of fly fishing for rainbow trout.

What Do You Need to Fly Fish for Rainbow Trout in Maggie Valley, NC

However, you can't just grab your gear and jump in the river to start fishing. The state of North Carolina requires a fishing license. In addition to a state fishing license, there are special rules for fishing in National Parks and along the Blue Ridge Parkway. 

You can purchase a special three-day pass to fish in any of the waters designated as “Mountain Heritage Trout Waters” in Maggie Valley, NC, and the nearby Waynesville. It can be easily obtained online at

Hire a Guide

If you want to be sure that you get the most out of your fly fishing experience in Maggie Valley, be sure to check into a local guiding service. Local guides can help you locate the best spots to fish and sometimes have special access to fishing locations on private land. 

In addition to having a better knowledge of fishing spots, a professional guide has had the opportunity to learn the local food sources so that you can better pick flies that mimic what local rainbow trout enjoy. This is a huge advantage, as understanding fly selection is just as much of an art as casting.

Hiring a guide can make a huge difference when booking your fly fishing trip to a place that you have never been before, which is why hiring Turning Stones Fly Fishing is a great choice for your next fly fishing excursion in Maggie Valley.

Our guides have guided fishermen across the nation but have settled down in the Great Smokies because of their passion for trout fishing in the area. We are familiar with the region and have the knowledge and skills necessary to guarantee a positive experience for you. But hurry—our excursions are filling up rapidly, so get in touch with us today!