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How Much Does a Guide Matter for Rainbow Trout?

Are there rainbow trout in the waters around Maggie Valley? Jonathan Creek is among the best trout tailwaters in western North Carolina. There are many other amazing trout waters throughout Haywood and Swain counties. So, do you really need a guide? It depends on whether or not you want to catch your share of fish. There is too much water for you to explore on your own. You need help.


What Makes for a Good Rainbow Trout Guided Trip?

You want guides with expertise in the area and the experience to help you regardless of your level of expertise. 

Turning Stone's offers float trips and wading fishing trips that allow you to enjoy the beauty of the Smoky Mountains while catching prized rainbow trout. We've fished all around the world, but there's a reason we call this place home. We have the knowledge and experience to give the best-guided excursion possible.

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When Should I Book My Guided Trip In Maggie Valley?

You don’t want to wait to book your rainbow trout fly fishing guided trip in Maggie Valley and Haywood County. Our guides are popular in the area, so the calendar fills up quickly. We don’t want you to miss out on what could be the experience of a lifetime. 

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Is Maggie Valley the Place to Go for Rainbow Trout?

What are rainbow trout? The rainbow trout gets its name from the broad, pink-to-red lateral stripe on its flanks. It has an olive-green back and a whitish belly with abundant black speckling all over its fins and body. They have a tendency to hang out in faster currents, such as riffles and swift runs, more so than brook or brown trout. Spawning occurs primarily in late winter.

You will not find a better place for a rainbow trout guided trip than Maggie Valley, North Carolina. Our waters provide exactly the environment for which rainbow trout are lurking. That means, with the help of our guides, you can find a lot of fish here. 

In addition, to fly fishing, Maggie Valley is known for being a hub for the outdoors. Within just a short distance of town, visitors can enjoy hundreds of miles of hiking trails and mountain biking areas. If you like watersports, you can enjoy whitewater rafting, kayaking, and tubing. Within Maggie Valley and nearby Waynesville, there are plenty of excellent restaurants and shopping opportunities. 

If you need more encouragement before you book a trip with us, listen to what some of our clients are saying. 

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