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rainbow trout soque river clayton gaClayton, Georgia, is renowned for its grandeur and charm.  It is one of the highest communities in the state, rising to a height of just under 2,000 feet at the base of Black Rock Mountain. Restaurants, cafés, and retail stores downtown are flanked by peaks that soar as high as 3,500 feet. Residents and visitors can get out and enjoy nature, then return to a great meal and afternoon of shopping. 

If you’re visiting Clayton, there is no shortage of things to do:

  • In and around Clayton, Georgia, there are numerous miles of hiking and mountain bike routes.
  • Local and state parks can be found nearby, including Bartram Trailhead/Warwoman Dell Picnic Area, Stekoa Creek Park, Black Rock Mountain State Park, and more.
  • Downtown features a wide variety of eateries, stores, museums, and other attractions.
  • Water activities, fly fishing, camping, and wildlife viewing are all accessible in the area.

Clayton is only about an hour and a half from Atlanta, so it is a popular place for those who want to get away. If you are planning a fly fishing excursion for rainbow trout, the waters around Clayton are perfect. Here’s what you need to know about fishing for rainbow trout near Clayton, GA. 

Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing Near Clayton, GA

Wild and hatchery-supported rainbow trout can be found in many waterways in north Georgia. 

What Are Rainbow Trout?

The rainbow trout is named for the broad, lateral stripe on its sides, which ranges from pink to red. Its back is olive-green, and its belly is whitish with heavy black speckling on all fins and the entire body. Read more on our website at What We Catch.

Although they are native to western North America's Pacific drainages, rainbow trout have been introduced to North Carolina and north Georgia's mountain streams. Rainbow trout live in lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams where the water is clean and rarely gets hotter than 70 degrees.

They prefer to remain around in fast currents like riffles and run more than brook or brown trout do. The primary spawning period occurs in the late winter. Making the most of your fly fishing trip in Clayton, GA, requires knowing their preferred hangouts.

Where to Find Rainbow Trout Near Clayton, GA

The Soque River Near Clayton, GA

Whether you're a seasoned angler or a novice, the Soque River is the ideal location to catch rainbow trout. You can avoid the crowds and truly experience nature by fishing this river from late winter to early spring.

Hiring seasoned guides is the best course of action to ensure that you are adhering to all the rules and regulations while also optimizing your chance to locate fish, whether you're fishing the Soque or another river close to Clayton. Turning Stone's Fly Fishing offers guided fly-fishing excursions in Clayton, Batesville, Clarksville, and other areas of north Georgia.

If you’re ready to book your rainbow trout fly fishing excursion near Clayton, GA, reach out to the team at Turning Stone’s Fly Fishing today!