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Fly Fishing SoqueOne of the attributes of Asheville people enjoy most is that the city seems to be one with the surrounding nature. The mountains practically rise from the downtown skyline, and it feels like you could walk out of the edge town in any direction and, in moments, find yourself surrounded by lush forests. Much of the woodlands encompassing western North Carolina are part of the Pisgah National Forest. Pisgah was established a little over a century ago and now covers over half of a million acres and 800 square miles. 

With elevations extended to heights above 6,000 feet and dozens of campgrounds, there is plenty to see and explore throughout the area. There are thousands of miles of hiking and mountain biking trails within Pisgah National Forests, as well as numerous rivers and creeks. Whether you enjoy wandering in the woods or something more exhilarating like zip-lining or rock climbing, there is something for you in Pisgah. One of the ways people enjoy reconnecting with nature is fly fishing on the West Fork of Pigeon River. Here is how you can enjoy your very own trout fishing excursion on the West Fork of Pigeon River in Pisgah National Forest. 

Fly Fishing on the West Fork of Pigeon River in Pisgah National Forest

The Pigeon River carves a deep, narrow gorge through Pisgah National Forest. Its headwaters flow from scenic Mount Hardy, not too far from Woodrow, Canton, and Waynesville, NC. It carves a narrow gorge until it joins with the East Fork of the Pigeon River. The Pigeon River goes on, running parallel to Highway 215 through Haywood County. It continues from there along I-40 until it reaches the French Broad River within sight of Douglas Lake in Tennessee. 

If you are searching for a fly fishing experience on the West Fork of Pigeon River, you can trust the guides at Turning Stone's Fly Fishing to make sure you have a great time. We are experienced anglers who have spent considerable time fishing the waters of western North Carolina. Although we have fished all over the world, we have chosen to call this area home. Here are a few reasons you should take a trip to Pisgah National Forest for fly fishing:

  • You will be surrounded by some of the tallest mountains on the East Coast.
  • You will have the opportunity to reconnect with nature.
  • You will be able to bring your friends with you while maintaining social distancing.
  • You will be able to forget about the world's troubles for a few days. 
  • You will have the opportunity to learn from some of the best fly fishing experts in the country. 

What are you waiting for? Reach out to Turning Stone's Fly Fishing to book your guided fly fishing tour in the Pisgah National Forest. You can add trout fishing to your Asheville getaway or put it on the list of western North Carolina waters to fish. Contact us for more information about fly fishing on the Pigeon River.