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fly fishing in north carolinaThere is no better place to find the best fly fishing than North Carolina. Some of the largest and most beautiful trout can be found throughout the Blue Ridge and the Great Smoky Mountains. Turning Stone’s Fly Fishing provides expert tours of the East Coast’s best trout waters. If you’re planning a fly fishing excursion in the Old North State, the guides at Turning Stone’s are here to help - but booking fast. 

The Best Fly Fishing in North Carolina with Turning Stone’s 

The Great Smoky Mountains encompass an area from just west of Asheville to East Tennessee. Congress established the Great Smoky National Park in 1934, and FDR dedicated it formally in 1940. The park's 500,000 acres are spread out over parts of Tennessee and North Carolina. 

Some of the highest mountains east of the Mississippi River may be found in the Smokies, which serve as the park's background.

The Smokies, which are thought of as a temperate rainforest, have some of the richest biodiversity in the whole globe. With all of the varied species thriving in the plentiful, chilly alpine water, it is known as the salamander capital of the world. One of the few elk herds on the East Coast is roaming magnificently through the stunning landscapes of western North Carolina.

Fly Fishing in Western North Carolina

Our unique area is perfect for finding trout. In western North Carolina, Turning Stone's Fly Fishing guides provide wade-in fly fishing excursions on a variety of streams, rivers, and creeks.

The locations that we fish range from vast, turbulent rivers that harbor giant, wild brown trout to deep Rhododendron thickets with little streams that meander about and are loaded with wild brook trout that are just a few inches long. We usually fish in places where there are many large fish, which increases your chance of capturing a monster.

We mostly lead wade excursions on three separate rivers, although occasionally, depending on the experience of the angler and the weather, we deviate from the norm.

We are a full-service, independent fly fishing guide operation in the town of Franklin, in western North Carolina. Our guides have fished all over the world and led numerous trips throughout the United States, but we chose to make western North Carolina our home base for fly fishing because we love it here. There is no shortage of trout here, and we know where to find them. 

It's important to fish with people who are knowledgeable about the best places to find fish if you want to get the most out of your fly fishing trip. It is crucial to reserve your fly fishing trip with the top local guides now, while they’re available!

Our trips are booking quickly, however, so make sure you reach out to us today!