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fly fishingJust an hour and a half from Atlanta, Habersham, Georgia, is home to some of the best fly fishing in the country. If you are looking for things to do for the rest of your family, there are plenty. 

Hiking the Tallulah Gorge, exploring local historical sites, and enjoying the local wine are just a few things that you can do when you are not wading through the Soque River, trying your hand at catching some of the largest trout on the east coast.

Fly Fishing in Habersham County, GA

The Soque River

The upper Soque River is a nearly 30-mile-long tributary of the renowned Chattahoochee River. The Soque hosts a variety of species of trout, including brown and rainbow, and has near-perfect conditions for trout. On the flip side, the majority of the river is privately owned.

Landowners and local fishing businesses understand the value of a healthy fly fishing industry and ensure that the river is taken care of and the fish are well-fed to maintain their trophy size. 

The level of fishing in the Soque river is second to none on the east coast, and a host of writers have featured the area in publications, including Garden and Gun magazine. Because the land along the Soque holds fishing rights, it is important not to stray into the private property along the river. 

Landowners will not hesitate to prosecute trespassers, so be sure to secure permission or work with a guide when fishing in the Soque River.

Hire a Guide

Working with a guiding service will help you get the most out of your fly fishing experience in Habersham County. Many of the best fishing areas are on private property, and a good guiding service will not only help you secure permission, but also help you find the lesser-known fishing areas on the river.

Professional guides are knowledgeable about the local food sources in addition to where to fish. This can aid in selecting the proper flies that closely mimic the prey items that the local rainbow trout population is accustomed to hunting. Since selecting the ideal fly is just as crucial as the technique of casting, this is a major advantage.

Turning Stone’s Fly Fishing is a top-notch guiding service for your next fly fishing trip in Clarksville, GA. Despite having worked as fishing guides all across the country, our guides choose to live in the Great Smokies due to their love of the local trout fishing. 

Given our familiarity with the area and our knowledge and expertise, we can ensure that you will have a good time. But act quickly; reservations for our tours are selling out quickly. Contact us today!