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Why Shouldn't I Go It Alone?

The waters around Highlands are perfect for brown trout; however, before you just wade into the Cullasaja River, you need to consider what all can go wrong without the support of an experienced guide. Unfortunately, an unguided fly fishing experience can go very poorly. You could spend your entire day or weekend searching for brown trout in the wrong places. Plus, wading into the wrong part of the river could be dangerous and lead to injury. The right guide can make all the difference.

Guided Lower Nantahala River

Why Go Fishing With a Good Fly Fishing Guide

If you are going to hire a guide, why not find the best in the business. You want to make sure you get someone with the experience and expertise to help you catch plenty of wild brown trout. 

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Why Choose Turning Stone's Fly Fishing

You won't find a team with more knowledge and time on the waters of western North Carolina than the guides at Turning Stone's Fly Fishing. We have fished all over the world and have decided to call this area home. We know all the best spots to find wild and hatchery-supported brown trout in Highlands.

Book Your Fly Fishing Trip Today

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Why You Should Book Your Trip Today

Highlands was something of a hidden gem; however, the secret is out on how great it is to visit our area. Our tours are booking rapidly, so if you want an awesome fly fishing excursion in Highlands, contact us as soon as possible.

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Why You Should Fish for Brown Trout in Highlands

You won't be disappointed with a fly fishing experience in Highlands. A true high elevation mountain town, Highlands is surrounded by stunning scenery and majestic vistas. It is the kind of setting you would expect to find out west; however, it is within just a short distance from Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh and Greenville, South Carolina. 

The Cullasaja River is one of the premier rivers for finding hatchery-supported and wild brown trout. They have long been noted for their distinct deep coloring, typically golden brown to olive-brown and brilliant yellow bellies. Some may also have dark spots encircled with light yellow or white on their backside. Other brown trout will have orange or red spots on their sides. They can be tricky to find, often hiding underneath fallen trees and in undercut banks. However, if you know where to look, you can find and catch all sorts of brown trout. Turning Stone's Fly Fishing guides are ready to make sure you have the best brown trout fishing experience in Highlands.