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Cullasaja River Highlands NC

Why Shouldn't I Go It Alone?

Without experienced guides, your fly fishing excursion can go very poorly. You could get horribly lost or fail to snag any fish if you don't know where to go. Even experienced anglers can get in trouble, especially in unfamiliar waters. In the Highlands area, the Cullasaja River is beautiful but extremely dangerous. It can move very quickly. No one knows the beautiful waters of western North Carolina like our guides. 


Why Go Fishing with a Good Fly Fishing Guide

If you are going to hire a guide, you need to make sure you get the best. Memorable fly fishing excursions start with someone who knows how to find beautiful rainbow trout. The right fly fishing guide will know where to go, how to get there, and how to make sure you and your crew are safe. There is simply no replacement for an excellent fly fishing guide for your Highlands trout fishing excursion. 

Rainbow Trout

Why Choose Turning Stone's Fly Fishing for Rainbow Trout in Highlands, NC

We have fished all over the world, and all chose to call this area home. The guides here at Turning Stone's know the Cullasaja River like the backs of our hands. Being based in Franklin, North Carolina, it is like fishing in our own backyards. Turning Stone's can help you find where fish hide in Highlands. 

Little Tennesse River

Why You Should Book Your Trip Today

We are guiding fishing excursions in Highlands throughout the year. Fly fishing is an excellent way to retreat to nature, relax, and spend time with your friends and family. However, it is important to remember that the best guides are going to be booked weeks and months in advance. You want to make sure you contact us well in advance of your preferred trip dates. Don't wait; call us today to book your Highlands fly fishing excursion. 

Book Your Fly Fishing Trip Today

Rainbow Trout Turning Stones Fly Fishing

Why You Should Fish for Rainbow Trout in Highlands

Whether you are fishing for rainbow trout or brown trout, wild or hatchery supported, you can find all you want in Highlands, NC. While the Cullasaja River is not necessarily the best fit for beginners, if you have some experience, you won't find a better place to fish. The Cullasaja is entirely contained in Macon County, carving a narrow, picturesque canyon as it flows from Highlands to Franklin, NC. Except for March, it can be fished all year. 

As one of the highest elevation towns east of the Mississippi River, Highland's history goes all the way back to the 19th century. Despite being just a few miles from the South Carolina border, you can count on temperatures to be cooler than nearby cities like Greenville, Charlotte, Asheville, and Atlanta, even though it is only two hours from those areas. If you enjoy the outdoors, Highlands is just a short drive from thousands of miles of hiking and mountain biking trails. Downtown has several excellent restaurants, breweries, and retail shops. For the fly fishing excursion of a lifetime, you will love Highlands.