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brown trout fly fishing great smoky mountainsOne of the most wondrous National Parks in the Southeast United States is the Great Smoky Mountains. Straddling the border of North Carolina and Tennessee, Great Smoky Mountain National Park is renowned for its diversity of fauna and flora, as well as its beautiful vistas and folklore. 

Brown Trout Fly Fishing the Great Smoky Mountains

It is also America’s most visited national park. There are tons of incredible options for outdoor activities in the park, from hiking and mountain biking to fishing the many streams and ponds.

Great Smoky Mountains Brown Trout Fishing 

Inside the national park, there are 2900 miles of streams, and it is home to one of the last wild trout habitats in the eastern United States. 20% of the park's streams are large enough to support trout populations; therefore, there is a wide variety of fishing experiences throughout the park. 

With all of this fantastic trout fishing, it is no surprise that anglers from all over the nation come to our region to practice the craft of fly fishing for brown trout.

It is important to note that you must possess a valid fishing license or permit for either Tennessee or North Carolina, and either license is valid throughout the park. If you plan to fish in Gatlinburg or Cherokee, you must purchase a special permit. 

Hire a Guide

If you are planning a fishing trip to The Great Smoky Mountains, be sure to hire a local guide service. Local guides can help you locate the best fishing sites and occasionally have special access to fishing locations on private property.

A professional guide not only has more knowledge of the best fishing areas but also has had the chance to learn about the local food sources, which will help you choose flies that closely resemble the foods that the brown trout in the area like to eat. This is a significant benefit since choosing the right fly is just as much an art as casting.

Turning Stone’s Fly Fishing is a terrific option for your next fly fishing trip in The Great Smoky Mountains. Hiring a guide may make a significant difference when planning your fly fishing trip to a location you have never been to.

Our guides have worked as fishing guides all across the country but have settled in the Great Smokies because of the excellent trout fishing there. 

We can guarantee that you will have a pleasant time because we are familiar with the area and have the necessary knowledge and skills. However, don't wait; tickets for our tours are selling out rapidly. Call us right away!