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brown trout fly fishing guide trip in clayton, gaThere are hundreds of miles of mountain streams and rivers within only a few miles of the beautiful little town of Clayton, GA, including the trophy trout waters of Soque River. The professional guides of Turning Stone’s Fly Fishing are your key to unlocking their potential.

Clayton, GA, is situated in the mountains of northern Georgia along US Highway 441 in the middle of the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest, including the Warwoman Wildlife Management Area and Blackrock Mountain State Park.

This area of north Georgia offers some of the best trout fishing for brown trout in the eastern United States, including the Soque River.

Fly Fishing Guide Trip on the Soque River Near Clayton, GA, for Brown Trout

The backcountry around Clayton, GA offers wonderful adventures and opportunities to catch trout; however, if you are most interested in catching large brown trout, then you should drive a few miles south toward the private trophy waters of Soque River.

The Soque River is stocked, private waters; therefore, it is necessary to book a guided trip with a professional guides. Turning Stone’s Fly Fishing has 100% access to the trophy trout waters, and offer several different guide trips available throughout the year.

If you want to catch prized trophy trout on the Soque River, just reach out to the team here at Turning Stone's Fly Fishing and let us know where you want to fish. We will take care of the details. 

The Soque River is within a few hours of Atlanta, Charlotte, and Asheville. Whether you want to make it a weekend getaway or part of a tour of North Georgia's best fly fishing locations, we will make sure you have the best experience possible. 

The Trophy Waters of the Soque River South of Clayton, GA 

The Soque River in Habersham County, Georgia, is a stunning and unique body of water. It flows approximately 30 miles through private land before emptying into the Chattahoochee River. Soque River fly fishing was once a hidden secret but has become a beloved hobby for the fly fishing enthusiast.

Water temperatures and aquatic habitat on the upper Soque River are ideal for supporting large numbers of trout. Landowners and local fishing businesses ensure that the river is re-stocked annually and that the fish are well-fed to maintain their trophy size.

The Soque River is made up of seven watershed sub-basins. These sub-basins are the Headwaters, Raper Creek, Shoal Creek, Deep Creek, Hazel Creek, Beaverdam Creek, and Yellow Bank Creek. Turning Stone’s Fly Fishing guides can navigate these parts of the river to show you the best places to catch some of the largest brown trout in the state of Georgia.

What to Bring With You When You Book a Guided Trip with Turning Stone’s Fly Fishing

We want you to have a great day on the river. This starts with being prepared with a few things that the guide won’t be able to help you with. You will be dry, but the water temperature is cold, so make sure you bring layers, no matter the season. Having layers will make your day much more enjoyable!

We have put together a small list of things recommended for your trip.

  1. Sunblock, Chapstick, polarized sunglasses.
  2. Extra dry clothes. Just in case you take an untimely dip.
  3. Camera – Please bring your own camera. While Turning Stone’s Fly Fishing frequently takes photos of trophy fish, these are strictly for website use only, unless you personally ask for them. Turning Stone’s Fly Fishing is not responsible for emailing photos to clients. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. I recommend a disposable camera; digital cameras don’t work well after getting wet…we speak from experience!
  4. You are welcome to bring your own fly rod, but not mandatory. I supply all of your fly rods, reels, line leader tippet, flies, etc.
  5. Rain jacket
  6. Georgia state fishing license.

When you hear the name “Soque River” here in the southeast, you think of giant trout and lots of them! We at Turning Stone’s Fly Fishing are lucky enough to have 100% exclusive access to this wonderful trophy rainbow and brown trout fishery.

Contact Turning Stone's Fly Fishing today for more information about booking a brown trout fly fishing guide trip in Clayton, GA, or on the Soque River.