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Soque River Outfitters

Soque River Outfitters

Wednesday, 06 July 2022 21:04

All year long, the North Georgia Mountains are a fantastic destination full of amazing options for top-notch outdoor enjoyment, including fly fishing. 

The Soque River is one particular river that is well suited for fly fishing with its slow-flowing lanes over sand and rock bottom, strong runs of rapids, and deep pools. 


The majority of the property along its banks is privately owned, but the Georgia Department of Natural Resources stocks the river. This river puts you in the heart of trophy trout waters that are almost guaranteed to net you some of the largest brown, rainbow, and even brookies you will ever catch!

About the Soque River

The Soque River gets its namesake from a Cherokee tribe that once inhabited the nearby area and is a tributary of the greater Chattahoochee River in Habersham County. The Soque River headwaters begin a few hundred feet below the Appalachian Trail on Tray Mountain, just north of Batesville, GA. Its river then flows through the scenic mountains and foothills of north Georgia, before entering the Chattahoochee southwest of Demorest. With a river watershed is 28.5 miles long, it is divided into seven sub-basins:

  • The Headwaters
  • Raper Creek
  • Shoal Creek
  • Deep Creek
  • Hazel Creek
  • Beaverdam Creek
  • Yellow Bank Creek

While any good angler may be able to get out on these waters and find fish, a good fly fishing guide that is familiar with the Soque River and its sub-basins can help you explore these sections and show you the ideal spots to land some of North Georgia’s largest trout.

About the Fish in the Soque River

If you want to have a chance at a true trophy trout, there is no place better in the southern United States than this river. The fish average three to eight pounds, but larger catches are often encountered, giving the angler a wild ride.

How to Fish on the Soque River

There is a river full of giant trout waiting for you on the Soque River; however, if you want to go fly fishing on this remarkable river, you are going to need an experienced guide. The fly fishing guides here at Turning Stone’s Fly Fishing have exclusive access to several private sections of the Soque River.

Here is what you must remember to bring with you on your fly fishing trip on the Soque River: 

What to Bring on Your Soque River Fishing Excursion

When you go on a fly fishing adventure, you want to make sure you bring the right supplies:

  • Sun Protection: Sunscreen, chapstick, sunglasses, etc. 
  • Dry Clothes: You will be wearing waders, but you, of course, want to be prepared for anything. 
  • Raincoat: While you should remain dry from the river, we cannot guarantee that the water won’t fall from the sky. 
  • Camera: The Soque River is catch-and-release, so bring your camera to ensure you capture your trophy trout. 
  • Your Gear: While waders are sufficient for navigating most of the area, we recommend waist or chest waders. If you book with us, we provide gear for you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your own. 
  • Your Enthusiasm: This is an excellent river to catch large trout. Make sure you are ready to have a great fly fishing experience on the Soque. 

Turning Stone’s Fly Fishing on the Soque River

No matter what creek, stream, or river you fish in, there are always unique challenges, and fly fishing in north Georgia is no exception. If you want to catch monster trout, look no further than the fish on the prized Soque River. 

Despite our guides’ extensive experience fly fishing some of the world’s top rivers and creeks, we all opted to live in the mountains of southwestern North Carolina and North Georgia, as this region features some of the best fly fishing on the planet.

If you want to capture prized trophy trout on the Soque River, book your trip with Turning Stone’s Fly Fishing and tell us you want to try your hand on the Soque! We’ll handle the details, so all you have to worry about is showing up. 

The Soque is within a few hours of Atlanta, Chattanooga, Charlotte, and Asheville. Booking with us will ensure that you have the greatest experience possible, whether it is a weekend retreat or part of a tour of North Georgia’s best fly fishing destinations. Contact Turning Stone’s Fly Fishing now for more information on fly fishing in Georgia and North Carolina.

Written by:

Gordon began fly fishing as a teenager in southwestern Pennsylvania, where he was raised. He has snagged great catches from as far away as Nevada, California, and Belize. However, he and his wife decided to settle in western North Carolina, where they started Turning Stones. Gordon is a Certified Casting Instructor for the Federation of Fly Fishers and the  Southeastern Coach of the USA Youth Fly Fishing Team.