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Fly Fishing on the Soque River in Georgia

Fly Fishing on the Soque River in Georgia

Tuesday, 02 March 2021 18:32

A year after everything changed, the world is slowly getting back to something more like normal. Many students are attending classes in-person, while parents are returning to the office at least a few times each week. Restaurants have been able to relax some of their social distancing guidelines and serve more customers, and traffic is returning to the roads. 

After a long, difficult year, many will find they are stressed as ever. Everyone needs the opportunity to get away from the pressures of daily life and reconnect with nature. One of the best ways you can destress is with a fly fishing trip on the Soque River in north Georgia. A Soque River trip puts you in trophy trout waters that are almost guaranteed to net you some excellent fish in a beautiful, natural area. 

Here is what you need to know about how to have a great fly fishing experience on the Soque River.

What Makes the Soque River Great

A shorter tributary of the Chattahoochee, the river's thirty miles are located entirely within Habersham County, Georgia. Its headwaters begin a few hundred feet below the Appalachian Trail on Tray Mountain, just north of Batesville. It winds through the picturesque north Georgia mountains and foothills before joining the Chattahoochee southwest of Demorest. 

The Soque River is named for a Cherokee tribe once located near it. Most of the land along its banks is private, as is the water itself. The river is stocked with large trophy trout that rival the size of trout anywhere in the country. If you want to have a chance at a true trophy trout, there is no place better in the southern United States than the Soque River. However, you cannot simply show up and start fishing. You must follow the correct protocol before you begin your adventure. 

How To Fish on the Soque River

There is a river full of giant trout waiting for you on the Soque River; however, you want to go fly fishing on this amazing river, you are going to need an experienced guide. The fly fishing guides here at Turning Stone's Fly Fishing have exclusive access to the Soque River. 

When fishing on this river with one of our guides, we assure you that it will be a remote and peaceful experience. It's likely just us, you, and some of the largest trout in the southeast. Here is what you must remember to bring with you on your fly fishing excursion. 

What To Bring on Your Soque River Fishing Excursion

When you go on a fly fishing adventure, you want to make sure you bring the right supplies:

  • Sun Protection: Sunscreen, chapstick, sunglasses, etc. 
  • Dry Clothes: You will be wearing waders, but you, of course, want to be prepared for anything. 
  • Raincoat: While you should remain dry from the river, we cannot guarantee that the water won't fall from the sky. 
  • Fishing License: Make sure you follow the guidelines and statutes for fly fishing in Georgia.
  • Camera: The Soque River is catch-and-release, so bring your camera to ensure you capture your trophy trout. 
  • Your Gear: While we can provide gear, you may want to bring your own. 
  • Your Enthusiasm: This is an excellent river on which to catch large trout. Make sure you are ready to have a great fly fishing experience on the Soque. 

Turning Stone’s Fly Fishing on The Soque River

We love fishing in north Georgia. There is hardly anywhere else we would rather be than on the river catching the prized fish of the Soque River. Despite all of the experience our guides have had fly fishing some of the best rivers and creeks in the world, we all still chose to make our homes in the mountains of southwestern North Carolina and north Georgia. This area has some of the best fly fishing on Earth.  

If you want to catch prized trophy trout on the Soque River, just reach out to the team here at Turning Stone's Fly Fishing and let us know where you want to fish. We will take care of the details, so all you have to worry about is getting here. The Soque River is within a few hours from Atlanta, Charlotte, and Asheville. Whether you want to make it a weekend getaway or part of a tour of north Georgia's best fly fishing locations, we will make sure you have the best experience possible. Contact Turning Stone's Fly Fishing today for more information about fly fishing in Georgia and North Carolina. 

Written by:

Gordon began fly fishing as a teenager in southwestern Pennsylvania, where he was raised. He has snagged great catches from as far away as Nevada, California, and Belize. However, he and his wife decided to settle in western North Carolina, where they started Turning Stones. Gordon is a Certified Casting Instructor for the Federation of Fly Fishers and the  Southeastern Coach of the USA Youth Fly Fishing Team.