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Fishing the Official Trout Capital of NC - Tuckasegee River

Fishing the Official Trout Capital of NC - Tuckasegee River

Wednesday, 07 July 2021 10:11

When you think of a getaway, do you picture traveling to a beautiful, remote part of the world? Do you imagine yourself enjoying the great outdoors and reconnecting with nature? Do you like challenging yourself with new or ongoing hobbies? Are you and your family searching for a place where everyone can choose from among their favorite activities? 

If any of this sounds appealing to you, you are ready to travel to the official Trout Capital of North Carolina for a fly fishing excursion on the Tuckasegee River. 


Seven Reasons to Travel to the Fly Fishing Capital of NC

1) Jackson County Is Officially the Trout Fishing Capital

There is no better way to say it; Jackson County is indeed the Trout Fishing Capital of North Carolina. Discover Jackson County writes:

"Jackson County, NC, is home to the Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Trail®, the first and only fly-fishing trail in the county. With over 92,000 trout stocked annually, the rivers that flow through the mountain towns of Cashiers, Cherokee, Dillsboro, and Sylva, serve as a fly fisherman's paradise year-round." 

The fishing in Jackson County is so superb; the North Carolina legislature deemed it the Trout Fishing Capital of the state:

"In June of 2016, legislators on both the N.C. House and Senate floors approved a resolution recognizing Jackson County as the Premier Fishing Destination in the state."

In addition to the nearly 100,000 fish in the waters around Jackson County, other factors that make it a great play to fly fish include:

  • Weather: Although Jackson County is in the mountains, the lower elevations rarely experience extreme cold. You can fish virtually year-round in the area. 
  • Accessibility: While you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, much of the water here is within a few hours of Asheville, Atlanta, Greenville, and other southern cities. 
  • Lodging: There are plenty of charming places to stay within and near Jackson County. 
  • Communities: The small mountain towns throughout the area are charming and have plenty of restaurants to enjoy.

If you are going trout fishing in western North Carolina, you need to plan a trip to Jackson County.

2) Fly Fishing Is One of the Best Ways to Connect with Nature

To enjoy the beauty of the area, you can always stay in a hotel with a view of the mountains or Fontana Lake. You can sit on the balcony with a good book and see the beauty of nature from a distance and have a great getaway. 

However, many of us want to be out in the outdoors, not just gazing at it from afar. 

Trout fishing puts you in the midst of nature. You literally wade out into the water and chase beautiful fish. 

3) Trout Fishing Is As Exciting and Relaxing As You Need it to Be

Whether you are looking for a relaxing afternoon on the water or an exhilarating adventure, trout fishing can be either or both. With the right guides, you can get to the backcountry for a quiet day or go somewhere like the Tuck, where you are likely to catch 30-50 fish per day. 

4) The Tuck Is Packed with Fish

We can't stress enough; the Tuckasegee River is one of the best places to fish, regardless of your experience level. This is a classic southern trout tailwater. 

Here at Turning Stone's Fly Fishing, we spend a lot of time leading guided fly fishing trips on the Tuck. Needless to say, we know the river as well as anybody! 

It is not out of the question for beginners to snag over thirty fish in a single day.

5) Fly Fishing Is As Fun for Beginners As Experienced Anglers

There are some sports where you really have to be good before you start having fun. That is not the case with trout fishing... if you have a good guide. 

You can have a great time and catch fish on the first day. 

However, if you are looking for ways to improve your skills, you can book an excursion with experienced guides who will help you level up your angling. 

6) Western North Carolina Is Unreal and Unmatched in Beauty and Activities

If fishing is just one part of your list of activities, or if the rest of your family will be looking for something to do while you are on the water, the Fly Fishing Capital of N.C. has plenty to see and do:

  • Hiking hundreds of miles of nearby trails
  • Mountain biking in one of the many parks or in the backcountry
  • Zipline canopy tours
  • Whitewater rafting, kayaking, or other water sports
  • Taking a scenic drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Seeing the only elk herd on the East Coast
  • Shopping in and exploring one or all of the many mountain towns

7) You Can Fish with the Best Guides

Any fly fishing excursion will be made better with expert guides. The guides at Turning Stone's Fly Fishing have fished all over the world, but we chose to make our home base near the Fly Fishing Capital of North Carolina. 

If you want to fish with and learn from some of the best anglers in the area, contact the guides at Turning Stone's to schedule your fly fishing excursion in the Trout Capital. 

Written by:

Gordon began fly fishing as a teenager in southwestern Pennsylvania, where he was raised. He has snagged great catches from as far away as Nevada, California, and Belize. However, he and his wife decided to settle in western North Carolina, where they started Turning Stones. Gordon is a Certified Casting Instructor for the Federation of Fly Fishers and the  Southeastern Coach of the USA Youth Fly Fishing Team.