Why Hire A Guide?

Their are more great reasons why you should than why you shouldn’t.

Hiring a guide is one of the best ways to learn more about fly-fishing. Guides are out on the rivers more in one year than most folks will get in a lifetime. Guides have seen, tried and heard it all. They are patient teachers who are passionate about sharing the art of fly-fishing with others, whether it is a beginner or expert.

Many people think that hiring a guide is too expensive or just not needed. Both assumptions aren’t at all true. Even the most experienced fly-fisherman can pick up a thing or two from a good guide. There is an infinite amount of fly-fishing variables that a guide has wisdom about: patterns, rigging, presentation, hole selection, reading structures, gear and on and on.

Guides bank on a different currency, and most aren’t getting rich taking others fishing. A guides goal is to put clients on fish, there office is standing in a river with water between their ankles.

We promise you a great trip and we will go out of our way to make sure that your day is the best one possible.