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Gordon is the head guide/owner of Turning Stones Fly Fishing, LLC!  He was raised in Southwestern, Pennsylvania where he fell in love with the trout streams of the Northeast.  Gordon found fly fishing in a unique way as a teenager.  One day him and a close friend were out fishing for smallmouth bass, and his buddy pulled out a fly rod from the truck and said,  ”Try it Gordo, I cant figure it out!!”  Gordon grabbed the rod, tossed it in the current and gave the popping bug a twitch, and bam!!!  A 9 inch largemouth bass was on the end!  Needless to say, Gordon was hooked and the rest is history as they say!

He has since fly fished all over the world!  From Bonefish in Belize, to giant Brown Trout on the East Walker river in California and Nevada!  He has learned from some of the best anglers in the country along the way.  He settled here in Western North Carolina with his wonderful wife back in 2007, and started the fly fishing guide business right away.  Since then, Gordon has guided hundreds of people on the rivers here in the Great Smoky Mountains!  Gordon is also an assistant coach of the USA Youth Fly Fishing Team!!  These are anglers 18 years of age and under that have the desire and passion to be the best competitive fly fisherman they can be!  They are world champions I might add!!

He is also a diehard Pittsburgh Steeler’s fan, enjoy’s spending time with family, and playing table tennis. He also likes to get out in the woods and hunt whenever he gets the chance.

Gordon is married to his wonderful wife, Suzanne and has 2 terrific dogs. They live in Otto, NC.



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